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Concept sketch, value exploration and finished cover 

Concept sketch, value exploration and finished cover 

Bug In Box Studio is an organic non GMO,hormone free, free-range, cage free, cruelty free, open air media playground and production facility.

Our clients include well heeled and individuals with great taste, small and medium sized companies all the way to the the biggest media companies on Earth.  Get a creative team on your side that will focus on the results you want, and get them after they have had coffee.

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Cadillac Ranch - Route 66 Project
Creative Welder Monster

Creative Services

Do you wish you could just flip a "creativity" switch and magically make it easy to develop your awesome ideas? 

Get someone on your side that will focus on the results you want

Product Design

Ideation, research, concept sketches, design specifically designed for success no matter what business model you use.

Many people feel the calling to create, but only a few actually follow through on that calling – so why not do it?

Pelican Plunge

Media Production

Our playground includes writing, storyboard, animatic, lights, camera, action, animation, graphics, sound design, music, and editing.

Every business is media company - we have you covered. Take the plunge

I needed a distinctively designed title and an iconic image that combined video games and the corporate world - not an easy job.  Bryan immediately understood what I wanted and within a couple of days, came back with a variety of creative options. He was friendly, courteous, and open to my fickle little “tweaks” here and there. Not only am I thrilled with the final product, I feel I have found my go to illustrator for all my projects. I won’t go anywhere else
— JP Lethcoe
JP Lethcoe