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It is the Annual Tree Plating Day in the Land of Wood and it is Valt’s first official ceremony as the new King. Da-Ming, still trapped on the desert island with Mungo and Drusilla is aware of this special day and wants to spoil it. An odd mix-up happens at the ceremony when two trees instead of one are delivered by two Jing Lings. Valt is to choose which tree will be planted, but is oddly effected by the blossom of one. The tree turns into a giant Tree Monster and the blossom has a mysterious but negative effect on his powers. In the distance the Terra Cotta Boy observes.


Alia, Trika, Yark and Kem arrive in the Land of Wood to help Valt with the Tree Monster and the blossom spell. They track down the Jing Lings in order to find out who gave one of them the bogus tree. The magic residue on one of the Jing Lings is the only clue. Terra Cotta Boy watches from a distance. Meanwhile on the island Da-Ming sculpts a Dragon’s egg to hide in in an effort to lure a Dragon there to carry him away. Back at the temple Valt, his parents and Valenteen defeat the Tree monster and restore Valt’s powers, but Valt’s powers are changed by the encounter.  


Cobalt and Yark witness a Fire Fish flying east to west at sunset – usually seen as a bad omen that foretells illness. This particular Fire Fish was actually frightened off by the arrival of a Nanomite monster looking for Valt. Yark being very superstitious believes the omen and becomes upset so everyone tries to trick him with fake ‘good’ omens to convince him that he will not get sick. Meanwhile on the island Mungo looks in the magic pond and sees the omen as well. He spends his time trying to come up with elaborate cures that only make him and Da-Ming catch cold and prevent Da-Ming’s escape. In the forest, everyone but Yark fights the monster. In the end, he joins them and is instrumental in its defeat.


 Every year the Rainbow Fish return to the Land of Wood in the form of a white rainbow to ‘recharge their colors’ in the pond. Valt is assigned the task of guiding the fish with the help of his Light Power. He soon becomes distracted by a Nanomite monster formed from an ancient bear statue in the woods and joins his pals to fight the monster. But without his help the rainbow fish get disoriented and start raining down on the land. Valt must defeat the monster and get back in time to safely redirect the fish. He takes responsibility for his almost failed task and his father forgives him. The rainbow fish fly from the pond recharged in color while the Terra Cotta Boy watches from a distance.


Everyone is pitching in using their powers to help Valt run the kingdom and Cobalt feels left out. He decides to improve on his skills by using the magic bag to help Trika out with a rare herb she needs. But Cobalt’s herb just creates a black gooey mess. Disheartened, he tosses the bag away giving the Nanomites a chance to infect it, and axes with legs and arms begin climbing out of it. Meanwhile on the desert island Da-Ming, Drusilla and Mungo fight over a treasure chest that has washed ashore. Back in the Land of Wood, the gang fight dozens of axes until Trika’s third eye figures out the bag is infected by nanomites. Valt defeats the bag with his powers. Then a strange Xun plays a tune that lures the remaining axes back into the bag. The Terra-Cotta boy has secretly  helped the friends for the first time. But why?


While Yark misses his Yak family the alarm is sounded. A rockslide is blocking the south road – half the village cannot access the fields. It will take Yark at least a week to clear the slide on his own so Valt teleports in the Yak family to help. At first Yark is delighted, but he starts to think that his fellow Yaks are only there to play, so he ‘tricks’ them into a game of “Boulder Soccer”. A Nanomite infested Rock Monster emerges as the source of the rock slide.  Valt and gang battle the monster and, with the help of the Yaks, defeat it. On the Island, Mungo and gang plot and fail again to escape. Back in the Land of Wood, Yark is impressed with his family and they tell him they are there to help however he needs it, he just needs to trust them. They playfully clear the road with “Night Boulder Soccer’. The Terra Cotta Boy again reveals himself to the audience as he studies the rocks.


Using the MAP to travel through the Land of Wood, the gang find bits of tree falling from the sky.  Prem arrives to warn them about the plight of the Floating Island – home of the dreaded Snow Eagles. We are reminded that Valt aided Prem in Ep 128 (Flashback) when Prem was Chief. He left the island and was reunited with his Firebird family. But the chief’s departure created a power vacuum filled by evil Snow Eagle Peng who is throwing the island off course by destroying its natural resources. Valt, Alia and some of the Snow Eagles team up to defeat Peng and restore order. Meanwhile on the desert island eagle feathers are floating down from above and Mungo fails at his attempts to fashion a pair of wings for Da-Ming to use to fly away and glide to freedom.


While looking for signs of the mystery boy or the source of the mysterious music (using the Map), Kem and Valt encounter a visiting stranger, the Goat of Justice.  She immediately judges Valt to be just, but that Kem is not.  Kem is crushed! What if it’s true – as a Taotie, maybe he will never be truly just. But Valt doesn’t believe this. He is determined to find out why the Goat thinks the way she does. In the end, Kem proves he is truly good by helping Valt defeat a nanomite monster, and the Goat of Justice learns that justice cannot by determined by snap judgments.


Alia is tired of being overlooked and decides to prove she can be a strong leader. She offers to help two tian lu Guards who have lost their treasure, and ends up discovering the Terra-cotta boy is spying on them. She and Trika set a trap but instead of catching the Terra-cotta boy end up catching the real thief – a nanomite monster.


Kem has suddenly turned into a baby! Trika realizes that the potion she made to help him return to his true blue color was too strong, and now he is growing younger and younger!  If they don’t stop it he will disappear! All the friends must travel to the Land of Earth and get baby Kem to bathe in the Crescent Moon Lake, but they have to catch him first! Meanwhile, on the island, Da-Ming is truly missing his son, and Drusilla is not, giving us our first glimpse that maybe she is not Kem’s true mother.



When Valt and his friends realize that Dark Warrior may still be alive, they are determined to find him and stop him from destroying the land by first finding the nanomite hive in the Dark Woods.



Teased by his friends for his serious and controlling nature during training to battle the Dark Warrior, Cobalt leaves the team to their own devices in mid-practice. This has disastrous consequences when the team needs his direction in battle, and Cobalt is out of reach.



When Yark accidentally drinks the ‘Tea of Forgetfulness’ and develops total amnesia, Jia sees an opportunity in her work for the Dark Warrior. She gets the unwitting Yark to carry a bag of Nanomites into the palace, which animate an ancient suit of armor into a fearsome fighting foe.



When Alia accidently breaks Ama's treasured clay teapot, Valt and the others try to help her find a replacement. They encounter the Dark Warrior and a fiery nanomite monster that threatens to burn down the forest!


LOG LINE: Yark is initially thrilled to see his yak brothers who have come to the Land of Wood for spring break, but when he learns that they too have been taught special powers by the goat monks, he questions his importance in the eyes of his parents and friends.

VDM219 “Live Tree or Die”

Dark Warrior, through a swarm of nanomites, watches Valt, Terracotta Boy, and a few others head out on a nature walk in a bamboo garden. He sends the swarm to the forest to infest a tree and capture Valt.  Initially, Dark Warrior causes the tree to appear diseased in order to draw Valt in closer. When Valt sees the tree, he tries to cure it with his growth powers. But nothing works. Trika knows of someone who might be able to help. She and Alia teleport to a cave where a wise and enchanted Qilin lives. Trika must pass an important mystical test to convince the Qilin to give her the only magical potion in the land that can cure a diseased bamboo tree and keep the ailment from spreading. Meanwhile, back in the garden, the tree morphs into a rampaging, stick-bug. Valt and the others fighting alongside him, quickly realize that the tree blight is actually caused by Dark Warrior’s nanomites. And now the bamboo tree is growing out of control, threatening the lives of Valt and his team. Trika eventually passes the Qilin’s test and uses the potion to stop the bamboo from growing, then Valt defeats the Stick Monster by blasting it through the heart of its inner hive. As the nanomite swarm flies away, Valt is surprised to discover a firebird feather in the spot where they first found the bamboo tree. He and the others wonder, what could this mean?

VDM220 “Firebirds of a Feather”

Having found a firebird feather back in the bamboo forest, Valt, Terracotta Boy, and their friends travel to the Land of Fire to follow this feathery clue that could lead them to Dark Warrior. The Firebird Elder thinks the feather looks like it belongs to Jia, just as Alia suspected.  Jia ran away from the village a while ago. But the Elder suspects she might be back because someone tried to steal the precious sun gems last night, something Jia has done before. Valt and the others suspect Jia as well and think this could be connected to Dark Warrior. So Valt leads his friends in setting a trap for her, should she come back for the sun gems. Meanwhile, Jia is planning another burglary attempt. Since Dark Warrior cannot cross the village fire wall, it’s up to Jia to deliver the gems to him, just outside the village. He plans to use the gems to free his royal highness Drusilla from the deserted island so they can combine powers and work together to take over the Five Lands. Later that night, Jia uses her mean-bird pals as a diversion and steals the sun gems. Valt and his friends chase after her, going beyond the village firewall where Valt has his first confrontation with Dark Warrior, since their battle back in the Land of Earth. And Alia squares off with Jia.


With the Sun Gem staff in hand, Dark Warrior travels by portal to another dimension to free Drusilla from the deserted island. Valt and his friends uncover his evil plans through a vision in a sacred fire, and are determined to follow him to the island, retrieve the sun gems and stop him from succeeding with this “island break. The mission leads to a comical chase around the island, before Dark Warrior and Drusilla successfully escape with the sun gems.


Valt, eager to locate the next nanomite hive, seeks help from Cobalt’s estranged brother, Cerulean. The eccentric insect expert informs them of a secret passageway that leads to a mountainous cave. Inside the cave is not just any nanomite hive, but the “ultimate” nanomite hive. Cerulean is beside himself with glee over the thought of it. Unbeknownst to Cobalt, his brilliant, but strange brother has evil plans for Valt and is leading the deer into an ambush.


Note: Sying not Drusilla

Valt and friends are engaged in an arduous climb up a mountain where they hope to find a cave that will lead to Dark Warrior and his ultimate nanomite hive. The group is looking to destroy the hive along with Dark Warrior’s evil plan to destroy Valt and take over the Five Lands. But finding them won’t be so easy. The group battles a trio of nanomite monsters in various parts of the cave, all the while looking for the hive around every corner. Valt goes on alone, into a cavern where he finds a humongous hive, filled with empty egg sacks, embedded in the walls of the cave.  He blasts the hive, which causes the cave to quake. Valt and his friends manage to escape with their lives. Meanwhile, Dark Warrior and Drusilla are in a mysterious, cavernous location where they use the sun gems to unearth a part metal-part flesh wooly mammoth.

224 Warrior Prophecy

Tao's Journey

232 Journey to the Hidden Village


234 Search For Valanteen

235 Revenge Of Doe

236 The Case of the Vanished Village

240 Be My Guest

Concept Sketch - BE

Concept Sketch - BE


240 “Be My Guest”

Logline: Valt and the others encounter what they think is a terrifying creature in the catacombs in the Land of Metal, they are relieved to discover that she is actually kind and hospitable. Still, they must be on their way to continue the search for the clay warriors. So, when they kindly decline her endless hospitality, she threatens to imprison them in the catacombs with her forever. Meanwhile, Sying sneaks into the castle with Mungo’s help to regain her power in the hibernation chamber.

241“Moon Over Taotie”

Logline: Valt and Cobalt are homesick for the Autumn Moon Festival while they search the old subway tunnels in the Land of Metal with Kem and Tao. A grumpy Cobalt takes a wrong turn and gets caught in a giant spider’s web. Valt ends up coming to the rescue, after which Kem and Tao put on a makeshift Moon Festival celebration for their friends, cheering them up. Meanwhile, Sying travels with Gao to the Land of Wood to steal some moonstones in order to restore her powers so she can raise a new dinosaur in the Land of Metal.

242“Benevolent Dragon”

Logline: Valt and Tao strike a deal with an ancient dragon named Fucanlong, whom they believe can lead them to the Clay Warriors; but before he helps them find their lost treasure, they must help him find his. The only problem is Da-Ming has obtained the dragon’s treasure from a local vendor and plans to use it to control the dragon. Sying sends in her dinosaur to stop Da-Ming from obtaining the dragon, and Valt from obtaining the treasure.

243 “Grab Bag”

Logline: Sying sees the potential of Cobalt’s enchanted bag and wants to have its power to help her accomplish her evil plans. So, she raises a Raptor and sends it into Valt’s camp to steal. The Raptor manages to swipe the bag, but our heroes race after this incredibly fast creature, determined to stop it before it delivers the bag to Sying.  During the chase, Cobalt learns a valuable lesson: his greatest power isn’t his enchanted bag, it’s his ability to influence a dinosaur.

Episode 244

“Tarred and Feathered”

Logline: When the team’s latest clue leads them to a tar pit in the Land of Metal, they realize their search for this clay battalion leader won’t be business as usual. They must risk their safety by digging beneath the deadly tar pits with the Mangler from the castle. But when it starts to sink, Sying sends in her latest Land of Metal dinosaur, a Sia Firebird-Dinosaur hybrid.

245“Tao’s Distraction”

Logline: When Valt and his friends search for the Clay Warriors, Tao gets distracted by a mysterious Taotie playing a GUQUIN. The stranger soon reveals himself to be Da-Ming. The king tricks Tao and captures him; he wants Tao to help him find the Clay Warriors for himself, so he will be ready to stop Sying’s ever-growing dinosaur army from taking over his kingdom. Valt and the others must come to Tao’s rescue, and Tao ends up helping the deer find the Clay Warriors in this land.

246 “Mahjong Trika “

Logline:  Valt, Tao and Cobalt join Trika in the Land of Earth in the search for more clay warriors. Trika is happy to see them, but their visit couldn’t have come at a worse time. She promised her grandmother that she would be her partner in the annual village Mahjong competition. So, Trika has to help with the search while trying not to break her commitment to her Grandmother on her big day. In the meantime, Sying has raised the first Land of Earth dinosaur and is sending it out to stop Valt from finding the warriors.

247“Daddy Cobalt”

Logline: Valt, Tao, Cobalt and Trika continue to search for clay warriors in the Land of Earth when the raptor from episode 243 finds its way to Cobalt. Initially scared, Cobalt connects with his inner ‘dino whisperer’ and befriends the raptor. Valt and Cobalt try to train it, with mixed results. Sying unleashes a Tracker Dinosaur to hunt Valt. The raptor helps in the ensuing fight, but Cobalt realizes he must let the dinosaur be himself and run free. The raptor joins a herd of dinosaurs heading for the Forbidden Land, as Valt and friends journey on.

248 “Underwater Boat Race”

Logline: Valt, Tao, Cobalt and Trika enter a boat race that will take them through an underwater cave at the Crescent Moon Lake, where they hope to find a clue that will lead them to the Clay Warriors. The race takes place during the new moon when the enchanted cave is accessible. So, Valt and his friends will have to get the clue now or wait until the next new moon. Trika thinks they’ve got winning in the bag until her highly-competitive cat cousin, who’s also a family outsider, shows up. Meanwhile, Sying raises a dinosaur that can move underwater to stop Valt from obtaining the clue he needs.

249 “Worst Nightmare”

Logline: - During a battle with Sying’s latest dinosaur, a tri-crystal-top (a version of a triceratops), an over-confident Valt accidentally injures Tao. The group seeks shelter inside a cave while Valt wrestles with his guilt and Tao enters a dreamworld that may help them battle the dino. When the tri-crystal-top strikes again, Tao comes out of the dream and helps Valt free the dinosaur from Sying’s control. And the creature also helps them find the clay warriors in underground inside the cave. The battalion leader directs them to an area in the next land where they will find the next clay battalion.

250 “The Real Drusilla”

Logline: At Kem’s urging, Valt, Tao, and Cobalt go in search of Sying to persuade her to stop her evil plans. She’s the only one who knows where his real mother is and he can’t let her be destroyed. The group succeeds in finding Sying, but she laughs when Kem tries to appeal to her as his aunt and his mother’s sister. She’s never felt like part of the family, and confirms that her battle for the Five Lands will continue. Meanwhile, Da-Ming, frustrated with Url’s failed attempts to capture Sying, sets out to do the job himself.

“Dinos and Warriors”

Logline: Valt and Tao call all the warriors together. The fight is about to commence. Valt’s group and the warriors versus Sying and her dinosaurs. The battle starts and Valt’s side is losing. He doesn’t have enough warriors. Tao takes off to go find the battalion in the Forbidden Land. Valt misunderstands and thinks Tao ran away from the fight.  Meanwhile, Da-Ming launches a scheme to capture Sying before she sets foot on the battlefield.

252 “Battle of the Warriors”

Logline: The battle for the Five Lands continues. Valt is surprised and relieved to see Tao return with more clay warriors. Now, the deer, Tao, Cobalt and the clay warriors are on one side. Sying and her dinosaurs are on the other.  In a surprise move, Cobalt’s dinosaur friend fights alongside Cobalt. It’s a hard fight, but Valt’s side is victorious. Sying escapes, outraged at her defeat. Everyone cheers their victory over Sying, except for Da-Ming and Kem. They won’t rest until they find the REAL Drusilla.